Firm Profile, Guiding Principles and Design Intent

Design Intent

Our intentions in the design process are focused by and are founded on the following understandings:

Wisdom as a foundation for life should be self evident, or we hope that it may be evident to us at some point as we learn from our own experience of life. Building in the world is part of life, whether it be building an empire, a city, a village, a house, a business, or a relationship; and should be founded on wisdom as any other living, creative endeavor.

—It determines what we build; do we build prisons or places of education, shopping malls or environmentally sound communities, commercial towers or spiritual centers? It asks us to examine the institutions and processes that develop and build our man made environment.
—It determines how we relate to the planet; is it to be exploited or considered?
—It determines why we build and how we come together to create the built environment; do we build from greed or awareness?
—It brings an awareness to the understanding of the historical built environment, its benefits, drawbacks, and the lessons that we learn from it.

—It encourages us to understand that buildings themselves and the environment that they create together should be life enhancing.
—It insists that we look beyond stylistic limitations and other surface qualities.

The true knowledge of beauty lies in our ability to be open to the universe as it is, in us. To look beyond surface qualities to the deeper qualities that shape us as higher level human beings. From that understanding we can exist in balance and harmony in this world, which has to be the foundation for any true “work of beauty”

"Human life deprived of beauty is not worthy of being called so." Luis Barragan

Are we part of nature? Is what we do to the earth part of a “natural” process? What obligation does our self-reflective consciousness have in our relationship to this earth? A connection to nature is essential, without it we are predators.

Living in balance in the world is the wisdom of taking care of our environment and each other. The human need for a dialogue with and a deep connection to the natural world around us.


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