Architecture at its most profound hopes to realize a model of our place in the world, and a model of our relationship to the cosmos.

Guiding principles

A very fundamental question for an architect is how do you create the enclosure of space that resonates with the full intelligence of our being. Intelligence being inclusive of intellect, intuition, emotion, conscious awareness, the mind-body, in fact all that we understand that makes us human beings.

To answer this question we need to bring our own full intelligence as architects and designers to create a solution that has both meaning for our spirit and fulfills the highest technical requirements for shelter.

Our aim is:

To build, from a place of profound understanding, to express the sacred in this world. To build from a place of balance within the world, to be grounded in the highest consciousness.

To build with simplicity of material and form, staying in balance with nature, which is to understand the relationship of our existence to the existence of our planet.

To make buildings and create places that will provide possibilities for spiritual resonance for their inhabitants.

To create buildings that will have a thoughtful relationship with the land, an inevitable fit with their environment, and places that will have a sense of timeless identity.

To develop an architecture of non-exploitation of environment or social system.

To create the expression of community rather than the isolated object, as in creating place rather than nowhere.

Firm Profile, Guiding Principles and Design Intent


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