Pomfret VT Development 1998-9

The land for House 2 sits at the head of a beautiful small valley, with views to the north-west and to the south. The topography of the site is quite unusual with the main feature being a ridge sloping gently to the south and bounded by a steep escarpment to the east that is bordered on one side by a perfect ring of white pines and on the other by a narrow stream.

The point of arrival was seen as an important aspect of the overall form of the house, where the transfer from car to the ground can become an event rather than an accommodation. The arrival area is described by a circle, and surfaced with crushed stone to create a more natural element.

Pomfret site

The Pomfret land was a 120 acre parcel with a farm house and barn that were no longer used for farming. The land itself was made up of three distinct areas each of which made a unique site.

The farm house was upgraded and the barn had an addition to it making it a full time house.

A separate "House 2" was also designed for another section of the land.



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House 2 Pomfret—site plan